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Viveri Catering was founded on providing authentic classic dishes while using a modern approach to new and exciting culinary creations. Food and customer service is our passion. We provide quality cuisine for your event that will make your celebrations of family, food and life both flavourful and memorable. We are a team of dedicated culinary professionals with a combined experience of over 40 years in creating delicious dishes. Viveri Catering will bring an authentic culinary experience to your occasion. We provide on-site catering services as well as food delivery options. Experience the taste of Viveri Catering and make food the high point of your extraordinary event.

Executive Chef Adrien
With over 15 years of experience, Chef Adrien brings passion and creativity to his cooking while using simple flavors and forward thinking cuisine. Growing up in an Italian household, he was always in the kitchen helping his Nonna cook classic dishes that have been passed down from generations. This led Adrien to develop his cooking skills by graduating from the culinary program at Humber College with honours. His love for food has inspired him to establish himself as co-owner of Viveri Catering. Adrien’s philosophy is to provide superior customer service while using fresh ingredients in maintaining traditional recipes as well as creating new and innovative dishes.

Chef Rose Bartella
Chef Rose developed a passion for cooking early on. As the first born of immigrant parents, she would come home after school to begin cooking dinner before her mom got home from work. This led Rose to develop her skills in the kitchen using the simplest of ingredients while cooking classic Italian dishes for her family. Rose has developed her culinary skills working alongside renowned chefs at event venues throughout Toronto. Rose has also become a specialist in preparing gluten free cuisine while still maintaining the wonderful Italian flavours that make her dishes so tasty. Rose’s passion for cooking has led her to become co-owner of Viveri Catering. Her love of food and making people happy is the perfect recipe to make your event one to remember.